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Determining the most effective financial path for you and your family, and putting the best strategy possible and choice of solutions in place can be a challenge. Having a professional on your team means you are guaranteed more chances of much better financial results, allowing you to watch your business and personal wealth grow.

At Perennial Growth, we assist our clients in choosing the most effective financial path, putting in place the best strategy possible and choice of solutions. We are primarily focused on tailored wealth creation and wealth protection strategies, as well as supporting clients in implementing these strategies. We also assist our clients in all areas of financial advice including superannuation, life insurance, investing, aged care and estate planning through all their important life events.

In addition, we provide business/property valuation services. Our clients can be benefited greatly from our services in making decisions and/or adjustments on their existing businesses and their investment portfolios.

We’re here to help our clients with a fresh and open approach. We listen patiently their financial needs and objectives, analyse diligently their cicumstances, utilise our strong expertise in both investments and taxation, strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive set of financial solutions and investment recommendations to ensure their long term financial security and wealth growth of splendid returns.

We are committed to delivering outstanding outcomes for professionals, sophisticated investors, business owners, SMSFs, and institutional clients.

We have a track record of getting tremendous results for our clients.


We have enjoyed the services of Perennial Growth for several years now. Walter has been both our Corporate Accountant for Bagala Bros group, and our Personal Accountant, as well as our Investment Manager. We are extremely happy with the results. He is also very friendly and easy to deal with.
We have no hesitation in recommending Perennial Growth Pty Ltd to any organisation.       

                                 - Francesco Bagala, Founder and Director of Bagala Bros Australia Pty Ltd

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Whether you are a professional, sophisticated investor, well-established business owner, semi-retired, or retiree and at whatever stage of making your wealth, growing your wealth, or perserving your wealth, it is essential that you seek professional financial advice tailored to your needs and objectives to assist you in creating a more securer and prosperous financial future.

Please call us on (02) 8054 1688   or email us on to make an appointment to see us. We will assist you in exploring all available options and determining the most effective financial path, help you putting in place the best strategy possible, and support you toward achieving long term wealth growth and prosperity.